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All about Wine Site.

This site is dedicated to all the latest wines that I have tasted and bought.

It's Wine Time....

September 13, 2009

Hello everyone sorry I have not wrote anything latley I have been out of town, But I am back.....

First wine up,

We have Sobon Estate  2008 Sauvignon Blanc

Sniffy-Sniffy: Floral and Spicey tones, w/ a hint of Tropical fruit and toasted coconut.

Pairs well w/ chesse and crackers, seafood

2nd up,  NEWHARBOR Sauvignon  Blanc 2008

Sniffy- Sniff, This wine has a enticing bouquet of citrus, passionfruit, and quava.

Taste: It's Taste is verry crisp, clean

Pairs well with / summer salads , roasted chicken, pan- fried prawns, and seafood dishes.

3rd, Kim Crawford Sauvigono Blanc 2008

Sniffy-Sniff so light and fruity that if it was a juicy pear and friut salad you would  love to bite into it........

Taste, All I can say is just try it!!!!!!!!

Pairs well w/  crap cakes, lobster bisque, and King Crab legs.

Next, NOBILO Sauvignon Blanc 2007 New Zealand

Sniffy- Sniff  It has a distinctive bouquet ripe and tropical fruit, citrus,  it has a ZESTY palate of

crisp lemon and melon flavors....

Happy Tasting ..........


It"s Wine Time .......

August 20, 2009

Hello My Wine Friends.....

We have up our first wine...

Kitchen Sink ( Red Table Wine Mix)


Very Fun...... Different

Taste, was a fun wine had a mix of it's name "Kitchen Sink"  a little Zin, Merlot, Cab and a little petite...

it is a wine that is complex in stucture & very ripe in tannins Red,Dark,& very red rich w/ a hint

of creme de cassis.

Pairs well w/..

Just have fun w/ it

Apps, Cheese& Crackers , Fruit would also be good....

Second, This wine I tasted at Total Wine on a Sat. Morning

Toro, 2006  Also known as the "BULL"

Taste, Superb Red- Full bodied, It is BIG, BOLD & Fruity.

Sniffy- Sniff. This wine oozes aromas of rich, blackberry and also plum w/ a kick of spice to rpond it off.

Pairs well w/

Grilled Meat, Stew & Sausage.

Happy Tasting......

It's Wine Time Again.....

August 08, 2009

Hello everyone,

here are a couple wines for you to try nothing real BIG,

First, Conte Priola Pinot Grigio (Veneto)

Taste, crisp yet delicate this light-bodied wine has a refreshing citrus flavor.

Sniffy-Sniff,  Lemon, Apples and Tangerines

Would pair well with, would be a good Aperitif, a light hors d'Oeuvre or a seafood lunch or dinner.

Next up, Kupelwieser (Alifo Moriconi Selection) Pinot Grigio

Taste, delicately fruity, with some subtle tones of pear with a elegant structure.

Pairs well with, fried shrooms, shrimp,fresh H2O fish,and also clam chowers.

Sniffy-Sniff, fresh and very clean.

Well intill next time,

Happy tasting.....

Hello My Wine Drinking Friends,

July 29, 2009

To my wine drinking friends, hello and thank you for looking back at my web page...

First up we have,

Pietro, Pinot Grigo (Veneto) 2007 it's on the cheaper side but o.k. for a 1.5liter

if you are looking for a quality wine without spending to much $$$, you have found it here,

Sniffy-Sniff, Crisp, Citrus, Fresh and light bodied

Taste, Dry light bodied, Citrus and a little hint of Melon has a refreshing finish.

Pair w/ Pasta Salad,and some other light fare you might have in mind.This is a fun wine for all to enjoy....

Next up we have,

Nobilo, Sauvignon Blanc , New Zealand, 2007,$13.00ish

Sniffy-Sniff, Fresh clean, Citrus smell ( lemon & lime)

Taste, Almost like a greapfruit, it is really light & a little sweet

Pair w/ A light salad or seafood, like seared Scallops.

Well Happy Wine Tasting, if you taste any good wines feel free to post something....


'It's Wine Time".......

July 22, 2009

Hello Everyone,

First up,

Concannon (Pinot Grigio) central coast 2008 twist off cap, no cork but worth a try.

*Sniffy-Sniff: citris,grapefruit,pear,and apricot

*Taste- Grapefruit & Pear, Fresh!

*Pair or go well w/ smoked Salmon & Pork tenderloin

Second, La Delizia  (Mix) 55% Pinot Grigio & 45% Pinot Blanc 2008

*Sniffy-Sniff, A little like candy, sweet,if tart had a smell this would be it.....

*Taste- Tart, still refreashing,good summer wine.

Pair or eat with: this wine would go well paired w/ cheese and crackers.

And last...

Alcantara (Pinot Grigio) 2007 A local wine from Cornville,AZ

*Sniffy-Sniff, Not Impressed, kind of strong for a Pinot....

*Taste- taste like a Chardonnay, not like a Pinot Grigo.

* Pair or eat w/ NO COMMENT.

Have a great Wine day!!!!!

Wine Time.....

July 16, 2009

Hello everyone,

This weekend I tryed a couple of diffrent wines Red and Whites,

Cambria was the first , it was a Pinot Noir, The smell was that of Blackberrys and Dark Cherry.

The taste was Light and crisp for a Pinot Noir.

Compliment and deliscious to a USDA Prime Ribeye.

Lake Country (Courtney Benham), Sauvignon Blanc this on was crisp and fruity it also want well with Shimp and Chicken

And Last, Valdadige Pinot Grigio, This one is on the low side for price but also has hints if grapefruit very light in bodyness

pairs well with Seafood and Chicken.

Weekend is coming up so more later, Happy Tasting....

Welcome, look back soon for a update.